Thursday, 29 January 2015

Viral Ring….Come with idea to create one of yours

“Harry Potter” inspired Golden Snitch Ring went viral last week. The ring comes in silver and gold with citrine, topaz, sapphire and moissanite stone options. Stones are all honey colored and band is texturized to resemble the Snitch’s famous wings. Designer started receiving orders which she was not able to fulfill and had to stop taking orders, though she has resumed now. The ring she designed is not official merchandise and she clarifies this very sweetly on her website with a small poem.

Although she didn't design the ring recently, it started getting lot of attention after the ring image went viral. She has been designing this particular ring since last year, and the attention she is getting now is completely unexpected. Right after the ring went viral she admits that 90 percent of her orders are for this particular Snitch ring and she is very happy with the response. This is a classic example of how things in this world can be driven by internet and social media.

Maybe you have an idea or design in mind for a ring that you want. We would love to make it for you, and who knows, it could also go viral in this age of internet and social media. We are a full service store and can handle any level of complex designs when it comes to custom work so drop by our store with your ideas and see how we work with you to bring your dream idea to real world.

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