Thursday 9 June 2022

The Effect of Chlorine or Saltwater on Jewelry

Precious metal and gemstone jewelry are often prized possessions and are usually carefully cared for by their owners. Unfortunately, there may be environmental influences that can damage precious metals and gemstones; often without the wearer of the jewelry being immediately aware of the damage. Once serious damage to the piece has occurred, it is often impossible to repair the jewelry and it must be repurchased or recreated. This can be devastating to the owner of the jewelry, especially if the damaged jewelry was an heirloom piece.

Before you dive into any body of water while wearing your jewelry, take chlorine and salt water into consideration.

One chemical that is often found in daily life is not usually thought of as harmful or destructive to something as solidly built as jewelry. Chlorine, whether it is found in chlorine bleach used for cleaning, in the swimming pool or in the hot tub can degrade gold jewelry to the point of disintegration. The actual damage to the jewelry piece is due to something commonly called stress corrosion cracking. Whether there is already stress in the joints of the jewelry or it has been repaired, these existing stress points cause a failure in the integrity of the jewelry when exposed to chlorine. A gold ring, placed in undiluted bleach, can disintegrate within minutes of exposure. The higher the karat of the gold in the jewelry, the longer it takes for the chlorine to cause stress fractures.

Chlorine and Gemstones

It is generally recommended to have all jewelry cleaned professionally or clean pieces at home with warm water, a soft bristle brush and very mild detergent soap. Gemstones, including amethyst, tourmaline and turquoise are very susceptible to discoloration when exposed to harsh chemicals. It is always good practice to remove jewelry prior to cleaning the house, performing any household chores requiring the use of chemicals, swimming or soaking in the hot tub. Some gemstones require special care, depending on the hardness of the gem and the actual cut of the gemstones. For example, an amethyst necklace with a princess cut should not be piled in with an art deco engagement ring which could chip the corners of the gemstone and dull the finish.

Saltwater and Precious Jewelry Metals

Saltwater is another corrosive substance that can cause significant damage to jewelry. Due to the harsh nature and salt content of sea water, exposure to salt water can erode the soldered joints of custom jewelry. Most gold and platinum rings are made with mounts soldered to the main band with white gold or silver. These solder joints take the most wear in any situation; however, saltwater can erode the joints and cause mounts and settings for gemstones to fail. Platinum and titanium are sterner, more durable metals and can withstand some light exposure to saltwater or sea water. It is recommended by most jewelers and jewelry care professionals to remove any precious metal jewelry prior to swimming in a saltwater pool or the ocean.

Saltwater and Gemstones

As with chlorine and other harsh chemicals, saltwater can cause significant damage to gemstones in jewelry settings. Along with degrading the mounting joints, which can potentially cause the gemstone to be lost, the saltwater can also damage the facets and appearance of the gemstone itself. Even a simple jewelry piece, such as an amethyst necklace, can be damaged beyond repair by saltwater. It is recommended by jewelry manufacturers to leave jewelry at home if going on vacation or removing all jewelry prior to entering a saltwater swimming pool, saltwater lake or the ocean. All of the oceans and many inland seas contain significant amounts of salt that can cause irreparable damage to precious jewelry.

Caring for jewelry and precious gems

All precious metals and gems require specific care to keep them clean and in original excellent condition. Any cleaning with chemical cleaners, exposure to household and pool chemical or exposure to saltwater situations can cause irreparable damage to precious jewelry pieces. With the overwhelming majority of jewelry, simple cleaning with warm water, a soft bristle brush and a very mild detergent will keep jewelry well maintained and in excellent wearable condition. A large number of jewelers recommended home cleaning be done with the softest bristle toothbrush available. Gemstones should only be polished with soft felt cloth or jeweler’s cloth in order to keep from scratching gemstones. As with gemstones, precious metal jewelry should also be polished carefully in order to prevent etching marks in the metal. Any precious jewelry piece should be periodically inspected and professionally cleaned by a jeweler.

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Tuesday 11 February 2020

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to show how much you love your special someone and what better way to do that than by gifting them a gorgeous piece of jewelry or a watch...something they can adore forever!
Need some help selecting the best piece for your Valentine?
Here’s our gift inspiration to help you decide on what to buy for them on Valentine’s Day.

1. Put some sparkle in her eyes by gifting her a stunning dainty jewelry! A minimalistic jewelry is something that she can easily pair up with both casual as well as formal outfits. Browse more jewelry styles perfect for Valentine gifting💕 only at our store.

2. Watches can make a classic Valentine’s Day gift for your beau💕. Metal, leather or silicon a timepiece that best suits his style! So visit our store to check out more watch styles to gift your Valentine.

3. Make a promise of forever with some gorgeous stackable / anniversary bands. They can be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. Available in lots of styles and metal options, stop by our store to shop the perfect one for her!

4. Contemporary bands are perfect to gift a modern man on Valentine’s Day. Available in yellow, rose, white or mixed gold finishes to choose the one he would love for sure! Visit us now to check out more designs we have at our store.

5. Gifting a heart jewelry on Valentine’s Day is always a good idea! Make her fall in love all over again by surprising her with a sparkling heart necklace. Stop by to browse more heart jewelry designs to gift her❤️

Friday 1 March 2019


We're going Gaga over the fashion and jewelry trends from the 91st Annual Academy Awards

Which 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trends from the red carpet did you like best? 

On February 24th, the 91st annual Academy Awards aired from Hollywood. For the first time since 1989, the show had no host. Yet, everything went off without a hitch!
As expected, the stars brought their A-game this year. The fashion was mostly reserved, allowing jewelry to shine brightly under the spotlight. Much like the GRAMMY Awards earlier this year, pink and rose tones were the night’s biggest colors. Countless celebs — Kacey Musgraves, Angela Bassett, Maya Rudolph, Sarah Paulson, Jennifer Hudson, and yes, even Jason Mamoa — wore some shade of rosy pink on the red carpet. It seems that Millennial Pink won’t go down without a fight!

Here are a few of the leading 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trends.

Gaga Over The Tiffany Diamond

All eyes were on Lady Gaga! She channeled major Audrey Hepburn vibes in a nostalgic Alexander McQueen gown and timeless updo. But it was her stunning necklace that caught the most attention. Gaga donned The Tiffany Diamond, a 128.54-carat yellow diamond owned by Tiffany & Co. The stone was discovered by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1877. The fabulous yellow diamond was last worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 as she promoted her feature film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One of the largest yellow diamonds in the world, the necklace is estimated to be worth over $30 million.

Plenty of Pink

Once again, pink made a splash on the red carpet. The rosy shade made the stars glow so graciously. Angela Bassett looked incredible in her bright pink gown, while Jason Mamoa stole the show in his light pink velvet suit. It seems pink is here to stay, so load up on your morganite, pink sapphire, and topaz. And to match this top 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trend, mix pink gemstones with opal accents to create an ultra-feminine splash!

72095 • Opal & Pink Sapphire
Vintage-Inspired Ring
87048 • Opal, Pink Sapphire, and Diamond
Drop Earrings

Layers of Diamonds

Do you know what pairs well with diamonds? More diamonds. You’re allowed to stack all the sparkle your heart desires when walking the red carpet. It seems Charlize Theron got the memo. Just look at those chunky diamond necklaces complete with diamond, blue sapphire, and emerald earrings. Keep this 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trend alive with diamond cluster bands and pendants.
124065 • White Gold Diamond Floral-
 Inspired Anniversary Band
124055 • Rose Gold Diamond Twisted
 Eternity Band

Geometric Jewelry Trends

One of the lesser-noticed 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trends was geometric shapes and designs. Take Emma Stone’s dress, for example. And did you see SZA’s honeycomb-esque diamond choker? What about Amy Adams’ shapely diamond pendant? Keep the sharp angles coming in your gemstone and jewelry designs. Here are four ways to wear this season’s sharpest geometric jewelry trends. 

86916 • White Gold Diamond Art Deco-
Inspired Necklace
87074 • White Gold Geometric
Dangle Earrings

Bold Diamond Bracelets

Wristwear is hardly ever a bad idea, especially on the red carpet. Take Serena Williams’ stacked diamond bracelets, for example. Did you notice Chris Evans’ all-black timepiece and Montblanc cufflinks? Whether it’s leather watchbands or gemstone cuffs, take some time to revisit your wristwear selection.

653568 • Sterling Silver Curb Scarf
BRC447 • White Gold Diamond Line Bracelet

So, what’d you think about the 2019 Oscar Award jewelry trends from the red carpet this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Wednesday 20 February 2019

What You Need To Know Before Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is huge! It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make which is why you shouldn’t rush into it. The next step after getting engaged is to get married which will shape your future and if you are even a little bit unsure about it, you probably shouldn’t get into it…certainly not before clearing out all of your doubts.

Here are some of the points to be considered before taking that major step:

1. What your career goals are
It is crucial for the both of you to discuss about each others’ career goals and how you visualize yourselves moving forward to achieve them. Both of you should respect each others’ career goals while understanding that things won’t always go according to your plans. It’s better to discuss a few things beforehand:
Are you ready to relocate to a different city for your or your partner’s job?
Are you comfortable with each others’ work time commitments?
What to do if one of you loses their job, etc?

2. Your spending habits and finances
When doing the “money talk” it is important to be gentle and move slowly as many of us find it difficult to talk about our finances. Discuss about your debts, savings, budgeting and spending habits because after marriage, you combine your finances which also includes debts (if any). A difference in spending or saving habits doesn’t mean that you aren’t meant to be together. You just have to acknowledge each others’ money attitudes.

3. How you settle an argument
You are going to have differences but how you deal with them will determine the long-term success or failure of your relationship. Argue in a way that is healthy and helps the relationship move forward. While arguing, do not keep your views and thoughts to yourself. Discuss them and find a common ground to work past the disagreement. If both of you refrain from putting out your views, it’s more likely that you will hold grudges and create a toxic environment for your relationship.

4. Whether or not you want children
Don’t just stop at “Do you want to have children?” Go ahead and discuss: When do you want to have them? How many children do you want? How will you afford the new addition to the family? How do you imagine your roles as parents? What type of parents do you want to be?
When it comes to children, it’s important that you are on the same page before getting engaged.

5. If your partner has any addictions like drugs, alcohol, gambling
It is better to be aware of any addiction your partner might be having be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything as such. Finding out about this after having taken the big step doesn’t usually end well. Such an addiction can hinder the future of your relationship.

6. How you both feel about and around each others’ family
Marriage brings two families together which is why it is important that you feel comfortable around each others’ family. At the same time, you have to make sure that your family gets along with their family. If that isn’t the case, it will all be manageable as long as you and your significant other present a united front. So, it is better to know what you are getting into before putting a ring on it.

7. What religion, belief and faith you follow
If the two of you come from different religious backgrounds, it is better to decide on what religion will you be following, how you will celebrate your religious festivals and how the children’s religious education will be handled (if you ever plan to have children).

8. How to divide or take care of the household chores
It is better to set expectations as to how you would like to divide the household chores among each other be it for washing dishes, cooking meals, grocery shopping or cleaning bathrooms. Discuss and set grounds on this matter before one of you gets on the knee.

9. How you both handle stress
Stress makes a person vulnerable because of which people often react differently than the usual. Having to go through such a phase with someone by your side gives you a better understanding of how well can they help you cope with such an emotional crisis. Such times will either bring you closer or tear you apart. If you tackle it successfully, you are most likely ready to spend the rest of your lives together.

10. Living habits
While dating, you usually discuss about superficial things like your hobbies and interests, but you can’t really know a person without knowing the minutiae of their everyday life. How they start their day, how they like their coffee, what their meals consist of, how tidy or messy are they, which side of the couch they prefer, etc. These are the bits that define a person. It’s better to know such things before you are ready to spend your lives together.

11. Each others’ friends
One can tell a lot more about a person by meeting their friends than by meeting their family. This is because friends are the people we choose to spend our time with. It would be great if you gel up well with your partner’s friends because you don’t want to be the couple who cannot hangout with each others’ group. Make some efforts to know them so that they know that you are willing to be a part of them.

12. How do you want your wedding
Everyone has different visions when it comes to planning their wedding. The planning period can be nerve-racking and this is the time when you and your partner have to be on the same side. Going through it will give you a gist of what your future planning will be like.

If something else comes to your mind, please share it in the comments!

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