Saturday, 14 June 2014

Perfect Gift for Father's Day

Father's Day gifts are a great way to say “Love You Dad”, though it can be hard to find the perfect gift for Father's Day, hopefully we can make it a little easier.

Treat your dad to a memorable gift
Every gift has its own stories and memories, and being able to re-live these memories again are a gift in itself!

      1)       Check your father’s bedside drawer/ dresser!  He must have some jewelry lying around that he no longer can wear.  Whether it has worn down, needs to be resized or completely repaired/redesigned, we can help!  Bring it in, and we’ll even gift wrap it for you :)
         2)      Fix up his watch

 3)      Frame up your old memories.

Give him the gift of Time

Something for every budget

New pair of sunglasses, cufflinks or a tie is always a great gift idea for a Dad.  


Helping You Say It Better

Create a personalized greeting card and pair it with your gift.

For more gifting Ideas, stop by at M&M Jewelers where you can instantly purchase and present Dad with wonderful gift!

We would love to know how you are celebrating Father’s Day, so go ahead and share with us in the comments below!