Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Baby Bootie Charm has taken its first steps.

"Mommy has to switch the laundry over. I’ll be right back!” I walked into the laundry room and put the damp clothing into the dryer. It was 12 months since I had my daughter and I’d never been happier. Sorting through the next batch of clothes I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable her tiny socks and shirts looked. She was getting so big already. It was all going by so fast.
As the dryer tumbled away, I pulled back the washer button and added the last cup of fabric softener. Putting away the detergent and closing the laundry room door behind me, I looked back towards my daughter.
She was holding herself up by the coffee table. All of the sudden she let go with both hands and was standing on her own. As quickly as I could, I walked over and got down on my knees. She looked at me, eyes wide. “Come on!” I said, “Come to Mommy!” She balanced herself by rocking slightly back and forth. Then, with two swift steps she came in my direction, all by herself, before quickly flopping to her bottom on the floor. She took her first steps. A precious moment I will never forget.
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Author: Cameron Park