Saturday, 12 March 2016

It all starts with a story.

Sterling Silver Umbrella Charm image

Looking out the window on this rainy day I can’t help but remember one spring we shared together. We were up since the early hours and I remember how long we talked. We sat in his truck bed, I wore his coat, and we talked about everything. Our dreams, our family, how many children we wanted, the list was endless.
That day we ran through the fields near his house. The sun was shining, we were laughing and singing. We had lunch under a willow tree in his back yard. I can still smell the berries and flowers he packed in the basket. As we walked back to his truck the sky grew dark and it began to rain. We ran through the muddy long grass and when we got to his truck he pulled out a red umbrella. Under the umbrella we laughed at each other as we stood soaking wet, our hair pressed against our head and drips of rain running off the edge of our noses. That was when he wrapped his arm around my back, pulled me close and kissed me.
When it rains and I need to use our red umbrella, I can't help but think of that kiss and how our love bloomed during that spring.

source - Rembrandt Charms