Thursday 9 March 2017

5 Reasons a Jeweler is the Best person to Buy your Jewelry!

 Jewelers know more.  
A jeweler knows what you have and what its worth. Other buyers need to offer you lower because they are taking more risk. Since they are taking less risk the can offer you more.
A Jeweler can offer you more because they have
the most outlets to sell it. 

A Jeweler Must be Trust Worthy. 
A jeweler's lively hood relies on trust. They are least likely to take advantage of you because they have the most to loose. They are easy to find if anything goes wrong.

 Jewelers offer options!  
They could consign it or send it to auction. It will help you as a seller to have options

 Shop Local. 
Since chain stores do not buy diamonds, the money will stay in your community, helping jobs and your local economy.

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